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The Pirates Code!

Omapiap, Jul 31, 11 7:06 AM.
Yo-Ho ye scurvys!

Pirates live by the code!

1. One ship, One crew... all Pirates! We all have each others back!

2. No Stealing wilds! period... end of story!
   You can always reclaim a wild stolen from you. If in doubt ask an officer. If there is no officer on deck use your best judgement. You can attempt to negotiate the return of it or you can just take it... your choice.

3. No instigating attacks on non-hostile top 15 alliances.
    Once again retaliation is always an option fir a Pirate ... see rule 2 Yo-Ho!

4. Farming...
     Allianced cities 1x/day.
     Multi-wave attacks are of course allowed.

     Non-allianced cities you may plunder at will!

     Hostiles... the more the better Harrr!

As long as ye follow the code we will have your back!

Raise the main, hard to port, hoist the colors high and bring 'em broadside Yo-Ho!

New ship... less might, but greater pride!

Omapiap, Jul 28, 11 3:52 PM.
Avast crew!

 We have raised this old ship from the depths to sail once again as Psycho Pirates!

True we have lost some of our crew. True we have dropped ranking.

Do we care!?!  NO!

One ship... One crew... All PIRATES!

If ye be willing to sail under a Pirate flag with all that entails make yer mark in the Ahoy thread.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Omapiap, May 21, 11 4:46 AM.
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